About Us

The creation of this website, assistanceforsinglemothers.com, makes it possible for a more comprehensive reading materials for all single mothers out there. Although this is not created exclusively just for them, they are the primary subject of each article. All write ups under this website are good source of information not only to mothers, but all parents alike.

Packed with current information you could apply to your household, the subject matter included in the discussions here are education, careers, scholarships, legal issues, health, fitness, and finances, among others. All information you could get here are of quality and based on reality.

Why create this site?

The situation of single mothers out there have been a product of constant criticsm and judgment since time immemorial. We recognize that their role had been extremely undervalued due to the expectations of the society. In return, they do not feel confident in their role at home and in the community. This now impacts the upbringing of children in the household.

As such, the assistanceforsinglemothers.com society aims to bring back their self-esteem. Our mission is to empower not only single mothers, but all mothers out there to see their value as part of the community. We aim to completely eradicate the discrimination that comes from being a single mother. We are hoping to establish that by showing the world powerful stories.

Also, there was a clamor for a platform where single mothers could converge and interact freely. Many single moms are looking for that place where they can freely convey their issues with people who understand them. And this is our answer. Plus, one do not anymore need to surf the internet without the assurance of finding credible sources – you could already get that here.

We hope that you could find what you are looking for here.